We’re taking requests!

Exciting news! We’re now taking requests for the next few weeks! Check out our booking calendar page to submit yours now. But just a heads up – there’s a chance we might not be able to run the ride (even if we get enough people). This is because we’re waiting on the Department of Public Utilities to schedule some final inspections before we can operate again, and we don’t know exactly when they’ll give us an inspection date.

In the meanwhile, we thought it wouldn’t hurt for your to submit your requests anyway! If we can run your ride, we’ll let you know via email. We always try to make life easier for you, so we hope this helps!

Why did we have to stop operating? A very big competitor filed a complaint against us with the State regulators. We’ve been happy to quickly comply with all regulations to give you guys the best service possible, but in the meanwhile we were asked not to operate until everything was complete (and unfortunately, the State is not as quick as we are).

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