VanGO Package Express

package…for when you need it there within hours, not within days

Students: Need to send something home to Boston, but don’t know when you’re heading there next?

Parents: Want to send your child a nice, home-cooked meal at school for finals, but don’t know how to get it there?

Use our VanGO Package Express Service to send that item in a matter of hours, not days. Just have someone give us the item at the pickup location, then have someone at the other end pick it up. It’s simple! And it’s only $1/lb of weight (minimum of $5)!

How it Works

What can I send?

Whatever fits in the back of a van, so no mattresses or giant-screened TVs, please. You can send books, blankets, clothes, housewares, suitcase, etc. Place the items in a box if possible (if not, put them in something that’s easy for us to transport them in).

Can I send food?

Yes, but please make sure it’s sealed in something air-tight (like a tupperware container). Although your cooking smells delicious, our passengers may not want to smell like it when they leave the van.

What is not allowed? 

Refer to our policies page for more information. In general, we do not allow illegal materials, such as drugs. We will also refrain from transporting alcohol, firearms, live animals, etc. We reserve the right to inspect a package if necessary.

 How much does it cost?

We ask for $1/pound of weight ($5 minimum). You can pay in either cash on-site.

Where do I bring my package?

Bring it to to one of the stops closest to you (Alewife Station, Mount Holyoke CollegeUMass Amherst) according to our schedule.

What if the receiver doesn’t show up?

We’ll have to charge a $5 pickup fee from the receiver.

How big/heavy can it be?

Try to keep it within in reason, just so we can fit into the back of a minivan (See “What can I send?” above). 

Fill out our form below. Tell us what kind of things you’d like to send. We’ll confirm via email the details of your package pickup. Then bring it to one of our stops when we come by where we’ll weigh it and take it. Have the receiver meet us at the other end to pick it up.

VanGO Package Express Form