Donate Your Stuff

…don’t just chuck itelectronics

You’re moving out of your dorm and you have all this great stuff. You don’t want to throw out, but  you really need to clear this room by noon. You could stick that perfectly-working DVD player in the free bin (trust us, we’ve seen it), but wouldn’t it be better to donate it?

…give it to a good cause

Give us your gently used items and we’ll take them straight to the Thrift Shop of Boston, where 100% of the proceeds to the Home for Little Wanderers.

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We just ask for $.50cents/lb of your item(s) (to cover gas costs).

Ideal for: The senior who’s moving out and has a ton of awesome stuff they’d rather give to a good cause than toss out in the trash.

How it Works

What can I donate?

The Thrift Shop accepts all gently used, working items. Desired items include household items, framed art, collectables, clothing, and furniture (especially appreciated). Visit their website for more details.

Does it cost anything?

We ask for $0.50 cents/pound of weight. This is so we can cover the cost of gas. You can pay in either cash or credit card on-site.

 Where do I bring my stuff?

Then bring it to to one of the stops closest to you (Alewife Station, Mount Holyoke College, UMass Amherst) according to our schedule.

How big/heavy can it be?

Try to keep it within in reason, just so we can fit into the back of a minivan.

Get Started
Fill out our form below. Tell us what kind of things you’d like to donate. We’ll confirm via email the details of your donation pickup. Place the items in a box, if possible (if not, put them in something that’s easy for us to transport in). Then bring it to one of our stops when we come by where we’ll weigh it and take it.

VanGO Donation Form