Rates & Schedule



Our seats are $28 or LESS! Our rides are EXPRESS! It’s kind of a no-brainer

10321_36General Pricing for Popular Days

Day Direction Price
Thursday Amherst-bound $25.99/passenger
Thursday Boston-bound $28.00/passenger
Friday Amherst-bound $28.00/passenger
Friday Boston-bound $28.00/passenger
Saturday Amherst-bound $25.99/passenger
Saturday Boston-bound $28.00/passenger
Sunday Amherst-bound $28.00/passenger
Sunday Boston-bound $28.00/passenger

Major Vacations Anything around big school breaks (Thanksgiving, etc) will be $28.00

Airport rides are $38.00/seat. See luggage rates below.



How do we come up with a schedule? We take suggestions from YOU!
  • Check out our booking page to see what we’ve already got set up and where we still need your input. 

We’re different because you’re in control. We crowd-source your requests through our booking page.
When we get enough overlapping suggestions, we set that up and send you an email. You get the first notification, but anyone can book when that slot is set up!

Our most requested times tend to be late afternoons on Thursday, Fridays, and Sundays.

Winter & Summer Hiatus

  • Summer: June to mid-August.
  • Winter: Late December to mid-January


Luggage Rates

Item Price
Check-in sized luggage* $10/luggage
Backpack or carry-on sized Free
*What is a “Check-in” sized luggage? Anything big enough that wouldn’t be allowed as carry-on in an airplane (something that would have to be “checked-in”.

Why do you charge for that? We have to make space in the van for these big pieces, and that often means putting it on a seat a paying passenger would have sat in.


Other Cool Services We Offer


Service Price Payment Method
Donate Your Stuff  $0.50 cents /lb.  VanGO sends an invoice to pay online
VanGO Package Express  $1/lb ($5 min).  VanGO sends an invoice to pay online