Rates & Schedule



  • We run a regular, fixed schedule on Thursdays-Sundays (Rates & Schedule shown below)
  • We crowd-source the schedule around Major School Vacations (Check out our request page - the pricing for these rides are $25/seat)


Day Direction Price
Thursday Amherst-bound $22.99/passenger
Thursday Boston-bound $25.00/passenger
Friday Amherst-bound $25.00/passenger
Friday Boston-bound $25.00/passenger
Saturday Amherst-bound $23.99/passenger
Saturday Boston-bound $25.00/passenger
Sunday Amherst-bound $25.00/passenger
Sunday Boston-bound $25.00/passenger

Airport rides are $35.00/seat. See luggage rates below.




 Our regular Thur-Sunday schedule:

Day Amherst-bound Boston-bound
Thur Departs Boston 2p — Arrives  3:45p Departs 4:15p — Arrives in Boston  6:50p
Fri Departs Boston 10:15a — Arrives 12:00p Departs 12:30p – Arrives in Boston 3:15p  
Sat Departs Boston at 7:45a — Arrives 9:30a Departs 9:30a — Arrives in Boston 12:15p
Sun Departs Boston 2:45p — Arrives 4:30p Departs 5:00p — Arrives in Boston 7:40p

If you are being PICKED UP from Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, or UMass Amherst, please note that the pickup times are staggered half-an-hour apart. For example, if your pickup time from the Pioneer Valley is at 1pm, we may pickup from Mount Holyoke at 1pm, Smith College at 1:30pm, and UMass at 2pm.

Remember: The above is for our regular schedule. Around school vacations, we crowd-source times so we can accommodate unusual departure times.

Winter & Summer Hiatus

  • Summer: June to mid-August.
  • Winter: Late December to mid-January


Other Rates & Info

Luggage rates

Item Price
Check-in sized luggage $10/luggage
Backpack or carry-on sized luggage. Free

Other Services


Service Price Payment Method
Donate Your Stuff  $0.50 cents /lb.  VanGO sends an invoice to pay online
VanGO Package Express  $1/lb ($5 min).  VanGO sends an invoice to pay online


Online Credit Card: We use PayPal system to accept credit card payments securely online.