How VanGO Works

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A Quick Overview

  1. Visit our booking page.
  2. From our offered dates, select your preferred time + direction for travel (submit requests if you don’t see your time scheduled).
  3. Pay online via credit card.
  4. Get a confirmation email with details of your ride.
  5. On the day of your ride, come to your pickup location with ID.
  6. Have a great ride!


What if I don’t see a time that works for me? 

YOU determine when we run! We “crowd-source” your requests/suggestions to create our schedule – when we get enough requests for a certain time, we set that up. So, if you DON’T see a ride that works for you an your friends, don’t worry – you guys can make a request


Carry-on sized luggage goes on free! Anything the size of s suitcase (or something you would check-in on an airline), is $10/luggage.

Need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your seat: Contact us and send your cancellation at least 48 hours in advance (write “Cancellation” in the subject line). You will then receive a refund, minus a $5 cancellation fee (So if you paid $23 for your ticket, then you’ll receive $18 back).



For additional information, visit our Policy page.