Deals & Discounts

heart-1First-Time Rider Discount

Get $4-OFF your first ride with VanGO!

Use Coupon Code “FIRSTTIME” when booking your seat

Requester Discount

Get $3-OFF when you submit a request

We rely on your requests to determine when we run. So we like to thank you when we schedule a ride you submitted a request for!

What to do:

  1. On a date that hasn’t been scheduled yet, submit a request on our booking page (think of it as voting)
  2. If we get enough requests/votes on that date, you’ll get an email with an exclusive coupon code

commentRefer a Friend

Refer a friend - they get $5-OFF, you get $3-OFF

What to do:

  1. Get a personalized reference code from us (contact us for one)
  2. Give it to a new customer – they’ll get $5-OFF when they book
  3. When they use your code, you’ll get a coupon for $3-OFF a future ride.

FB & Twitter Deals

We've always got DISCOUNT CODES lurking on Facebook and Twitter

Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to find exclusive codes. For just about any ride, you’ll find a discount, a deal, and sometimes even free rides.