How to Book your Seat

Step 1.

Visit our booking page.

Step 2.

In the small calendar to the right, select your travel date. If you don’t see a date you want, make a request here. Once we get 4+ overlapping requests with yours, we’ll work to set up that slot.

NOTE: As we are going through some transitions, we are only able to offer request capacity on certain dates. We are not able to accommodate most weekdays at this time. 

Step 3.

Select your preferred time slot on your travel date.

Step 4.

Click “New Reservation.”


 Step 5.

Enter the information requested and click “Create Reservation”. Please be assured that we will only use your information for the purposes of your reservation and it will only be visible to us. Your email address will receive confirmation of your booking. 

fill in info

Step 6.

Review your information and click “Pay Now”. 

review info

Step 7.

Use our secure PayPal system to pay online. 

paypal page

Step 8.

Check your email for a confirmation.  


Step 9.

On your travel date, come to your pickup location.

Please come on time as our time of departure is scheduled to avoid rush hour traffic.

Bring a valid ID as we may wish to verify your information.